Pioneers at heart,
we reinvent insurance day by day

We are a diverse group of experts who are committed to taking ownership, encouraging other opinions and the idea of simplifying the world of insurance

More than 800 employees, in five countries, comprising more than 40 nationalities are on a joint mission to build the insurance expert in our customer’s pocket to make it easy to get properly covered for a fair price, throughout the different stages of their life.

As experts in the fields of technology, marketing, operations & insurance products, we simplify the complex world of insurance and bring it to the fingertips of our customers in a trusted, transparent and a truly modern way.


Our goal is to simplify the process of getting insured. We are direct, upfront, fact-based and use relatable language. We share our expertise and knowledge at any time.


We deliver quality and keep our promises. We are proactive, get things done, and are bold in finding new ways to improve our product and services. We take ownership and deal professionally with all our stakeholders.


We are approachable and friendly and encourage other opinions. We are willing to provide the best possible support to our customers and to each other.

Discover how our values are reflected in our culture and how you will benefit in your daily life as well as in your career

Live and learn

Sharing our knowledge is a cornerstone in our CLARK culture. Benefit from a broad range of training offerings that will help you to broaden your horizon and to develop your career. Take part in our learning lunches, our leadership journey program, Hack-a-thons or other learning programs.

Don’t keep your distance

At CLARK, we are a diverse team of experts with various backgrounds. And if you are also perfect for our team but don’t live nearby yet, don’t worry – our experienced team is happy to assist you with everything around your relocation. Moving can be a big step in life so we will try everything to make it as smooth as possible.

Pursue excellence, embrace fun

At CLARK, we do not only want to achieve successes but also celebrate them. We create lots of opportunities to spend quality time with our lovely colleagues. Participate in many events and rituals, such as our cross country CLARK Fitness Challenge or office get-togethers or our CLARK festival.

Discover how a typical CLARKee could be described

We bring together diverse expertise and backgrounds, to create innovative ways of protecting the world of our customers. We think out of the box and constantly make sure we are doing things in the most innovative and intuitive way. This is what sets us apart.

“At CLARK, you can be sure that you can come as you are, that you’re respected and that your opinion is valued”

  • Whether you’re a tech genius, a customer service superhero, or a marketing maestro, there’s a place for you at CLARK.
  • Together, we can revolutionize insurance and create a future where managing insurance is as easy as tapping a screen.
  • Explore our open positions and find out how you can contribute to the next chapter of the CLARK story.

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