How customers benefit
from our products

The unique CLARK approach makes it easy for everyone to get properly insured at an optimal price

Our customer

Insurance is all about the details – it involves a lot of paperwork, lots of small print and opaque pricing. If people can do online banking on smartphones, why are insurance companies still in the digital stone age? Our goal is to change this, by providing a simple, fair and transparent app to help our customers to get properly insured. With CLARK, our insurance manager in your pocket. This not only makes it easy to get an overview of your insurance situation, but also helps to optimize coverage. Knowing that you have exactly the right protection at the best price-performance ratio is a really good feeling.

We combine advice
with technology

We are not tied to specific insurance companies, we act in service of our customers. Our independence as a broker combined with our personalized recommendation engine, guarantees our customers are getting the best offer.

While state of the art in-app tools simplify our customer’s personal insurance management, our highly qualified specialists, supported by cutting edge algorithms, provide the best possible personal consultation. Not only when buying insurance but also when filing claims.

We provide
peace of mind

We prepare for the worst and aim for the best. We enable our customers to instantly protect their future, but we are also at their side when we are needed. This allows them to continue life in the way they are used to, no matter what.
We provide our customers with peace of mind by simplifying complex insurance topics and protecting their world.

We simplify
access to insurance

We use technology to create a one-stop-shop user experience on the CLARK app. The app offers an overview of the customer’s existing insurance policies, automatically analyzes their insurance situation and provides personalized advice by detecting coverage gaps.

We use independent, smart algorithms to find the best insurance solutions available on the market in order to fill gaps or optimize our customer’s insurance situation. We adhere to the highest safety standards when handling personal data.