Navigating corporate responsibilities

Adhering to our principles of compliance and integrity helps us ensure high level of trust in us

Fostering lifelong partnerships through ethical excellence and efficiency

We value the trust of our customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders, and are committed to safeguarding this trust as we aim to become Europe’s fastest-growing and most efficient insurance broker. Our focus lies on providing seamless insurance solutions and thus fostering lifelong partnerships with our customers. We prioritize ethical behavior in achieving our goals.

We set high compliance and integrity standards for ourselves to best protect your world

We protect the world
of our customers

We protect the world of our customers by always acting honestly and professionally and providing excellent advice and service. Strict data protection and IT security measures are paramount to us to safeguard sensitive customer information. We address conflicts of interest transparently and pledge to act in the best interest of our customers, adhering to anti-corruption laws and fair business practices.

We protect the world of our people

We protect the world of our people by fostering respect, diversity and inclusion and by ensuring safe and comfortable workplaces. Our community embraces diversity, recognizing that our differences contribute to our shared vision and goals. We are committed to eliminating exclusion and discrimination based on various backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels valued and included. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a supportive and motivating workplace where we all feel cared for and empowered to succeed.

We protect the world of our business

We protect the world of our business by protecting our assets, with fraud prevention being a top priority for us. Compliance with laws and regulations and meticulous record-keeping are foundational to our integrity and reputation. We safeguard our intellectual property diligently, balancing its protection with respect for others’ rights and handling confidential information responsibly. Adherence to antitrust and competition laws reflects our commitment to fair play and free markets, where the quality of our products and the excellence of our service speak for themselves.

Hear from our executive committee

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  • Benedikt Kalteier

    Chief Executive Officer

    “The bar is set high: We want every customer interaction to echo with care and reliability, building a legacy of lifelong trust.”

  • Chris Lodde

    Co-Founder / CEO International

    “We want to sustainably protect the world of our customers in such fundamental matters as their health, life and belongings.”

  • Oliver Rosenwald

    MD Finance

    “Always working in an orderly and fair way is paramount for everyone at CLARK.”

  • Christer Schulz-Gärtner

    CEO CLARK Germany

    “At Clark, we prioritize integrity, transparent communication and consistently delivering on our promises. This way, we want to become the lifelong insurance expert in your pocket instead of focusing on that one-time sale.”

  • Joshua Sargent


    “We encourage you to lead by example and to speak up if you see any violations of our Code of Conduct.”

  • Daniel Steinhoff

    Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

    “We are all accountable for living up to the principles set out in our Code of Conduct.”

  • Balázs Gáti

    Chief Product and Tech Officer

    “By upholding a culture where integrity is inseparable from innovation, we are becoming architects of trust.”

Integrity and transparency are cornerstones of our company. If employees, partners, or third parties become aware of a potential or actual compliance concern, they can report it via our dedicated whistleblower system.

Reports can be made in English, German, French or Dutch at any time. CLARK Group Compliance will handle the reports. We encourage everyone to speak up instead of staying silent to help us maintain a high level of trust.