Technology that redefines insurance

Based on our smart algorithms, we are able to identify the best insurance solution for our customers among thousands of potential variations

Experience how we are redefining insurance through technology with our products

As the leading InsurTech in Europe, we are focused on using technology to create an exceptional level of service for our customers and being the best in our industry.

Convince yourself of our innovative approach with the insurance expert we built in our customer’s pocket.

“We have over 700.000 customers and thousands of different policies and variations. The AI we have helps our service teams to go through this data and get the best value and answers for our customers”

  • Introducing the CLARK app

    Our mobile app is the primary interface to our customers, where we offer our staple features across all countries for a consistent user experience: Consolidated view, personalized advice, transparent offer comparisons and expert consultation as well as claim support.

  • In-app recommendations

    Automated assessment of existing contracts and coverage gaps.

  • Offer comparisons

    Full market overview with curated top offers and digital purchase processes.

  • Expert consultations

    Fast access to insurance specialists through in-app chat, call, or email.

Four factors help us to offer a service that is unmatched in the insurance industry

We combine our scalable tech platform with Personal Consultation

By integrating the perfect mix of advanced automation and intuitive self-help app features with personalized consultation we are growing rapidly while maintaining exceptional service standards.

We build long-term relations with our customers

Our high customer retention proves that we are building long-time relationships through the app and becoming our customer’s insurance partner for life creating a high customer lifetime value.

We achieve scalability through efficiency

Consulting our customers with a fully focused advisory team supported by automated backend processes and self-services within the app enables us to grow fast while upholding quality.

We create cross-selling opportunities

Within the first months, we are making sure customers are properly covered, especially in terms of Life & Health, and fully trust us with all their insurance contracts.

What guides us in developing our app

  • Holistic

    We offer a comprehensive customer experience, with a single interface to access all of their insurance needs.

  • Digital

    Our state-of-the-art mobile user journey brings insurance management to our customers’ fingertips

  • Safe

    Security and data protection is our top priority when processing our customers’ personal data.

  • Smart

    Our recommendation engine uses data from the customer profile to create a fast & personalized experience, allowing customers to optimize their insurance situation with one click.

  • Reliable

    We deliver in moments of need to offer a best-in-class service when claims arise.

  • Professional

    We set high standards to give our customers access to free, independent advice from more than 100 experienced specialists.

“Looking into the future, our main objective is to deliver our cutting edge technology to as many customers as possible”